Bikes have changed from the time we were children. No longer are they only powered by our leg power. Electric bikes are popular and can be found everywhere. There are differences that you will want to check out to make the right choice. Take a look at some of the great options out there before pulling out your card. Here are the top options on the market right now.



The City Electric Bike has what it is best known for right in the name. If you need a great bike to commute in the city, this is the bike for you. Those enjoying urban life and want to get around without sweating too much need this electric bike. It can get up to twenty miles an hour with the easy thumb throttle. It can also go a fifty-mile range without needing a charge. With their compact size, you can store them in small spaces, and the price is not at the top end of the range for electric bikes.


Mike’s Bikes

Do you have a need for speed? The Turbo Vado SL 4.0 is the sleekest model on the market, with an aluminum frame. Even the super motor is as lightweight as they come. This bike is not for those that just want to take a leisurely ride around the block. This bike is meant for those looking for an adventure. Take it on the road and the trail wherever you want to explore. With all the extras and unique features, it will cost you more than the average electric bike.


Rad Power Bikes

One downside to riding a bike instead of taking a car is that there is not much cargo space. If you need to bring something or someone with you, it can be a headache. This is where the RadWagon 4 comes in. It is the best electric cargo wagon out there. After purchasing the bike, you can customize it the way you want. Put a seat for your child on the back with a canopy. Those who need to carry other items could mount a basket on the back and even add a front rack if you have even more luggage. Get the perfect cargo bike and customize it to your needs well under three thousand dollars.


Folding Bike

Rad Power Bikes not only makes the best cargo bike, but they have also thought of another demographic with their RadMini 4. This particular bike folds to fit in small spaces. Those that live in apartments will love that it takes up less space. With the price tag of electronic bicycles, many don’t want to leave them chained up outside. With the folding ability, they can also be easily stored in your office. This bike is incredible for city living. Get the stability of a traditional bicycle with the valuable feature of folding it to fit wherever you need it to.


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