For every product, there is a competitor. This is a fact that and something that we all have to deal with as consumers or creators. There are a handful of things that you can do to set your products apart and above all the others. These same things are what we should be paying attention to when we are looking to purchase. All of these things make a great product anyone should want to buy.



Where is your product created, and by whom? The answer to both of these questions can be a part of your marketing platform. A product handmade by Peruvians in the Mayan fashion should be told. It will set your business apart from the others. People love when their products are made locally and by professionals. Use this to your advantage. Things being made in the USA may cost more, but many consumers will pay for it because of this.


Shapes and Sizes

Options are what we are all looking for. If you have the chance, make your items in multiple shapes, sizes, and colors. The more options you give people, the more products you will sell. One of the first things to look at when comparing different products is seeing which one is the perfect size for your purpose. Finding a site with multiple sizes to choose from makes it a one-stop shop. Various colors or designs also give customers a chance to feel like they are personalizing it just for themselves. We all like to feel like we are getting something unique.



Packaging is like the first impression when meeting someone new. You never forget the first impression. When the doorbell rings and you get your package if it is opened up and ugly or rushed packaging, the consumer will notice. When a packet arrives, the packaging should help keep the excitement going. Businesses can show they care about their product by presenting it well. It will be reflected in the reviews and when the customers return. Unique products end with an excellent presentation to the customers.



Loyalty should always be rewarded. Discounts and deals will catch the eye and make people think twice. When the product is a little higher priced, it helps to be getting something back. Loyalty punch cards are a great addition to keep them coming back in the door. Any freebies or extra incentives will make you stand out. Anytime we feel like we are getting something for free will feel good about the purchase, meaning more sales.



Honesty should be a no-brainer for every business. Being honest about the limitation of your product is necessary if you want to have any returning customers. When customers get what they expect, they will not only come back but leave great reviews. Good reviews will help push others that on deciding on your product over the edge to your side.


Unique products will fly off the shelf. Keep an eye out for new great items and ideas!