Products do not last forever, and when things change or are found lacking, recalls are issued. Some products seem to end up with more recalls than others. Letters or calls are not always sent out. It is up to the consumer to be paying attention to discover if they are using an item that has been recalled. It is not always essential but, in some cases, it can be an issue of safety. Check out some of the commonly recalled products you should routinely investigate.


Car Seats


Car seats are something that everyone with children has to purchase multiple times. They are also recalled more than any other product. When safety guidelines are updated, they are going to be recalled. When a car seat has issues and does not perform correctly, they are going to be recalled. If you register your car seat after purchase, you will be notified if there any issues with your child’s car seats. Without registering, you will have to rely on checking the brand’s website to make sure there are no issues. Another source is NHTSA. You can search for car seat recalls as well.



Food is a touchy thing. There can be many issues when dealing with food, and the recall information could get to you too late. At times the news will give this information to the public. If you are not one to watch the news daily, you won’t get the information. One thing to do is to sign up and get a store card. With a member card to your local grocery store, they will contact you if there is a recall of items that you bought. Try searching on the FDA website for particular food recalls as well. They keep a record.




Along the same line as food, medications can also end up with recalls. This is another serious one to pay attention to as we use medicine to improve our health. If there is something that goes wrong, we need that information quickly. The FDA keeps all these details together. Whenever you are in doubt, check out the FDA’s website to make sure your medications are still safe to consume.



Vehicle recalls are also widespread as technology and improves, or they find errors. It is good to check in with your brand to see what changes are happening. When you take in your car for services, they will be able to look up and give you the information on any recalls. Recalls are taken care of by the dealers, so don’t pass them up. Each time you take in your vehicle for an oil change, ask for a list. Keep yourself and your family safe by keeping up to date on your transportations recalls.


Technology improves, and as it does, our products can improve, leaving the past ones obsolete. Other common recalls can be hazardous to our health. Check recalls and live a healthier and safer life.