The Most Recognized Brands in the World

As consumers, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements through the various forms media we consume. The number of different companies we are exposed to each day is extremely high. It’s not likely that you’ll remember every brand you encountered in a single day; however, there are a few that are so popular throughout the world they’re hard to forget. The following are a few of the most recognized brands in the world.


It should come as no surprise that Google is a globally recognized brand. An article written by Brett Casella for mentions, “Millions of people see this logo on their computer screen every single day. This is the centerpiece of a website that handles over 100 billion visits per month.” This company is known for their colorful, fun logo. Additionally, you probably utilize this service multiple times a day simply by checking your email and using the Google Chrome internet browser.


With six different Disney parks spanning the globe, this is another wildly recognized global brand. There are Parks in California, Paris, Tokyo, China, Florida and Hong Kong. These parks, along with the incredible movies Disney produces, help keep them fresh in the minds of consumers. According to Casella, “Many people do not realize the full size of Walt Disney Company. A true conglomerate, some of their subsidiaries include ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Marvel, the History Channel, and most recently, Lucasfilm.” With all of their subsidiaries, you’d be surprised how often you are exposed to ‘Disney’ on a day to day basis.


The fact that coca-cola is one of the most recognized brands in the world should be easy to accept. It’s been a consumer favorite since its creation and is currently served in 200 countries. Casella states, “According to Brandirectory, Coca-Cola is the world’s eighth most valuable Brand with a worth of over $31 billion. This success did not happen overnight, Coca-Cola has been as much of a staple in American minds as the bald eagle since the 1800s; and so has its logo.”


Globally speaking, this company has a presence in twenty-seven countries. They are wildly succcesful and employ millions of people worldwide. Casella states, “Walmart is the defending champion of the Fortune 500 list and raked in over $450 BILLION in revenue its last fiscal year.”


Unsurprisingly, McDonalds is among the most recognized brands in the world. Casella elaborates by saying, “Over the years, the golden arches that make up the McDonald’s “M” have become synonymous with fast, convenient food. This symbol can be spotted from a mile away on a sign-cluttered turnpike and draws in over sixty million people per day.” With restaurants in 119 countries, it has a very strong global profile.

It’s likely you are familiar with all of the above mentioned companies. They have worked hard for years to create the level of brand recognition and awareness that they have today.