The Five Aspects of Brand Personality

Creating a brand personality is a marketing strategy that has been highly effective for many top companies. It’s a polished representation of your brand that helps customers connect with your business. An effective brand personality will stand out to consumers and inspire them to purchase your products. Here are the five major types of brand personalities.

Brand Sincerity
Ask yourself: Is this lighthearted and wholesome? If you choose to go with this route, you’ll need to choose a celebrity or create a character who will remain wholesome for the foreseeable future. Customers appreciate adorable lovable brand personalities such as the Michelin Man. Another example is the lizard who represents Geico. These characters were both created by the brands they represent which means neither company will ever have to risk any outbursts or poor representation of their brands from these personalities.

Brand Toughness
Ask yourself: Can your products hold their own within their niche? When the market is saturated by hundreds of different products that are all similar to yours, you have to get creative. A strong brand personality can help set your business apart. One example of this would be the Brawny man. We see him and associate his physical strength with the strength of the paper towels he represents. Another example is Mr. Clean. His shiny bald head and muscular physique remind us that he represents a strong cleaning solution that will leave your floors looking shiny and clean.

Brand Sophistication
Ask yourself: Are we showcasing the poise and charm of our products? Think of the popular brand personality for Dos Equis. He is dubbed ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’. He is suave, cool and loves to drink Dos Equis. This personality invites people to live a more interesting life and be as cool as him by drinking his preferred beverage. Additionally, he provides a high level of brand awareness to consumers.

Brand Excitement
Ask yourself: Are we building momentum with calculated risks? This type of brand personality means you can be a bit edgy. One of the best examples is courtesy of the company Charmin. Their cute little bear family frequently discusses wiping and cleanliness in a way that doesn’t make consumers cringe. It’s an daring media message with an innocent brand personality that people find adorable. Charmin remains one of the most successful toilet paper brands because of the recognition brought to them by these bears.

Brand Competence
Ask yourself: Are we representing our company with someone that inspires confidence in consumers? Or, do you have a spokesperson that people trust? Nationwide Insurance is an excellent example of a company who successfully accomplished this when they hired Peyton Manning. As a beloved former NFL player, Americans respect him and happily allow him to influence their insurance preferences. Coupled with their jingles, consumers wont likely forget this brand anytime soon.

Developing a successful brand personality will help you bring recognition and success to your company.