How to Build a Good Reputation

When you work hard to create a brand, a positive reputation means everything. Having your business decline or stagnate because of the inability to establish and maintain a good reputation can be detrimental. Take care of your brand by implementing practices that will ensure positivity and success.

Hire Good People

You can really help your brand by practicing excellent customer service. People remember the businesses that go above and beyond for them. The key to executing a positive customer experience with anyone who comes in contact with your business is to hire the right people. Jennifer Bridges, a writer for states, “Every industry has best practices and a code of ethics. Use these as your guiding principles when building a positive business image. Make sure every employee understands what the ethical situations are, why it’s important to abide by these practices, and what to do when they encounter a difficult situation. Further, you need to include these practices in your business’s mission statement and communicate to your employees regularly about the importance of transparency, accountability, honesty, and other key values. By doing so, you will nurture a culture that inspires respect from customers and competitors alike.”

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is an another easy way to bolster a positive reputation. Bridges also writes, “Reputation building is about making your company visible—in a good way—and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an increasingly important factor in a company’s reputation. According to a 2017 study, nearly 80% of Americans stated that they expect a business to address social issues in addition to their core business activities. It’s important to remember that sponsoring a Little League team or any other charitable endeavor is as much about making yourself a part of the community as it is about getting your name out there.” Never underestimate what small gestures within your community can do for your business.

Online Presence

Having a strong online presence is one of the best ways to reach new customers and grow. It’s also an effective way to monitor conversation surrounding your business. Customers have a tendency to post both positive and negative reviews on social media pages. When you manage a business, you can view the feedback and use that to your advantage. It will tell you weather or not you’re doing things that people are responding positively to or if you need to make some changes. Additionally, it gives you a neutral platform to address any negative comments or unhappy customers. You also have the option of visiting review websites and reading feedback posted there as well. Each of these resources is free. It’s important to utilize them in a way that helps move your brand in a positive direction.

Building and maintaining a good reputation is an ongoing pursuit. It can be a challenge to balance feedback; however, it’s essential to creating a business that will last. Ensure your brand is represented in the best light possible by implementing these tips.