Conducting a Brand Awareness Survey

In order to grow your business, you must be able to ascertain how the public views your brand. The most effective way to do this is to conduct a brand awareness survey. The information that you will glean from consumers is essential to continuing success. Here are a few metrics you can track through this particular type of survey.

Brand Recall/ Recognition

Brand recall and recognition are two different things; however, they are also connected. According to Sandy McKee, a writer for, “When consumers are able to recall your brand without aided assistance, then you know your product is top-of-mind for your product category. This is a vital metric to track.” Brand recognition on the other hand is when you gauge the familiarity consumers have with your brand. This is generally discovered through consumers circling brands they’ve heard of from a list or from a five point scale where they can express familiarity from ‘not very’ to ‘extremely’. Based on responses you will be able to determine weather or not your marketing strategies are working.

Brand Identity

A strong brand identity comes when you can make your company message both memorable and compelling to consumers. McKee also states, “Brand identity is how an organization identifies and distinguishes itself from other brands; it lets consumers know who you are and creates helps an emotional connection with your product or service.” If you don’t have a strong brand identity, you’re business likely wont succeed. By asking appropriate questions, you will be able to determine how much consumers care about your business and determine whether or not you need to make changes.

Customer Profile

It’s important to understand who your average customer is in order to ensure success. McKee mentions, “When conducting your brand awareness survey use basic demographic questions to learn more about your consumers. This data will let you know if you need to refine your customer persona, or possibly begin marketing to a different audience.” You can track this metric by adding a few questions to the beginning or end of your survey. It’s a simple way to see who has been most affected by your marketing strategies.

Brand Trust

People wont support companies they don’t trust. Nurturing this aspect of your brand image is vital. According to Mckee, “To create brand trust your brand image needs to be: 1. Appealing: People want to connect with products associated with fame. 2. Friendly: Your product is easy to use and adds value by making consumer’s lives easier or more pleasant. 3. Dependable: Your product is functional and your message is consistent. If you can achieve these three goals, then you’ve established brand trust.” Measure this by asking consumers if they feel a sense of trust with your brand by using another five point scale.

Asking deliberate questions is the best way to maximize the data you receive from brand awareness surveys. When done correctly, they can help ensure the success of your business.